At Inbar Group, We Make Your Dreams a Reality


With more than seventeen years as the leading business brokerage firm in the Tri-State area, Inbar Group has been successfully marrying business sellers and buyers with a high satisfaction rate. Still skeptical about contacting us to plan your exit strategy? Perhaps a success story about one of our clients will convince you otherwise:

Mr. Lieberman[1] arrived to America in the 1980’s with his wife and two children at the age of forty. Although Mr. Lieberman studied engineering in Moscow and made a decent living as an engineer designer, he decided to immigrate to the land of opportunity for the chance at a better life. With only $700 in his pocket and two briefcases for himself and his entire family, Mr. Lieberman enrolled in an English course and took a job as a draftsman in a conveyor systems company, where he made $7/hour.

Things were going great for the Lieberman family until the company that Mr. Lieberman worked for went bankrupt in 1994. Placed in a tough position, Mr. Lieberman and three of his former co-workers each decided to take a loan for $12,000 in order to buy their former business of employment from its creditors.  The first few years were tough; the company started off with eight employees and poor revenues. Over time, Mr. Lieberman and his partners grew the company to fifty employees and gross revenue of $12 million per annum.

In 2006, after many years of success and accumulating wealth, the partners decided it was time to cash out and plan an exit strategy. Throughout his tenure at the company, Mr. Lieberman received a plethora of correspondence from different business brokerage firms, but Inbar Group’s postcard stood out to him the most. When he called Inbar Group, he was immediately connected to the President, Mr. Jay M. Inbar. Impressed with the initial conversation he had with Mr. Inbar, Mr. Lieberman and his partners eventually signed an exclusive listing agreement with Inbar Group.

Mr. Inbar worked extremely hard to find the right buyer for Mr. Lieberman’s company. From marketing the business to going through his rolodex multiple times and using all of his resources, Mr. Inbar was able to successfully sell Mr. Lieberman’s business in nine months. Mr. Lieberman emphasized:

“I feel like only Jay and Inbar Group would have sold my company so quickly. From our first conversation to the closing, Jay was very professional and approached things with a no nonsense attitude. At the end the deal, my partners and I were confident that we sold our business to a good buyer and we all profited from the deal immensely. Thanks to Inbar Group, we were all able to cash out and retire.”

Still skeptical? Contact us at (212) 473-5000 or All of our professionals are highly trained and eager to help you create the best exit strategy catered to your needs. We offer a free consultation, free valuation opinion, and only charge a fee if we successfully sell your business. You have nothing to lose – give us a call today. We guarantee we can make your dreams a reality.



[1] The client’s name has been altered upon his request to remain anonymous.