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Jay M. Inbar, President/Senior Business Broker, Certified Mergers and Acquisition Professional

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Sid Mollin, Senior Business Broker

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(Office) 212-473-5000 Ext 2 / (Mobile) 646-734-7036

Sid Mollin obtained a BBA from the Baruch Business School in 1961. Previous to becoming a business broker, Sid was a public accountant and then transitioned into private accounting where he became controller of a conglomerate of five public mail order companies. Sid eventually purchased a commercial photo studio/production facility that served clients like: J.C. Penny, Spiegels, Aldens, Sears, Bradless, Bobs, and several smaller fashion catalog companies. After 20 years in the industry as an owner with an Accounting background, Sid acquired the necessary experience and knowledge to deal with business owners, banks, vendors and buyers alike, and so he became a Business Broker.  He also finds it gratifying to bring people together towards a successful acquisition or merger.

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Carol Shin, Senior Business Broker

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(Office) 212-473-5000 Ext 3 / (Mobile) 917-892-8475

Carol Shin studied Finance from Simmons College in Boston, Fine Art from Parson’s School in NYC and holds a real estate license in New York State. She immigrated from S. Korea at the age of eight and grew up within a family run business environment. Early on in her career, she worked on the trading floor of a major investment bank on Wall Street. With her studies in Fine Art, she became an accomplished artist with her paintings being commissioned and acquired by private collectors.  She combined her background in finance and love of art to become an art broker for mid level artists internationally while curating art openings at Soho galleries in NYC.  Over time her  interest in real estate grew and she obtained her real estate license. During  the past 6 years Carol has worked with one of the oldest condominium development companies, one of the first to join the startup franchise of Keller Williams NYC, then RealDirect, a tech based real estate firm in NYC. She has a wealth of knowledge in both commercial and residential real estate transactions, including tenant and landlord representation for commercial retail spaces.  She has travelled extensively and raised her children abroad as an expat for most of their formative years. Prior to joining Inbar Group, she worked at a Main Street business brokerage firm as well as a Mergers and Acquisitions business brokerage firm gaining a broad understanding of the process involved to own, sell or buy a business.

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Valdi Friedman, Senior Business Broker

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Valdi Friedman was born in Latvia in the 1940’s and graduated from Bauman Technical School in Moscow with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1963. During the 1980’s, Valdi immigrated to the US with his family and found work as a draftsman at a conveyor belt manufacturing company in New York. In 1984, Valdi founded his own conveyor belt manufacturing company which he grew into a multimillion dollar corporation. In 2007, Valdi’s company was sold by Inbar Group; his positive experience with Inbar Group combined with his expertise in running a mid-size business led him to becoming a broker with Inbar Group in 2008.

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Anthony Riccobono, Business Broker

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(Office) 212-473-5000 / (Mobile) 914-325-2900

Brandon Riccobono, Business Broker

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(Office) 212-473-5000 Ext 4  / (Mobile) 518-929-4079

Brandon Riccobono was born and raised in New York. He has several years of experience as a private investor and money manager. Brandon has run several online marketing businesses. He knows how to take a company from a concept to eventually taking it to market. He understands that precise communication is the key to understanding a client’s needs.

Ricardo Guzman, Business Broker

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(Office) 212-473-5000 Ext 700  / (Mobile) 347-822-5044

Ricardo Guzman was born and raised in New York City and has joined the Inbar Group after obtaining his Master's Degree from Niagara University. Ricardo brings years of extensive work with families and individuals in need in both the Healthcare and Social Service industries. Ricardo marketed his work towards awareness and assistance for people in need, while also creating connections and pathways that would lead to clients forging successful lives for themselves. He also has a proven track record in Marketing and Branding that is central to fulfilling the mission of the Inbar Group: to achieve meaningful results for our clients.

Laís Colombo, Executive Marketing Assistant

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(Office) 212-473-5000 Ext 5 / (Direct Line) 203-388-5202

Laís Colombo is a B.B.A graduate with working experience in the marketing, advertising and service industry. She’s adept in technology, branding identity, online social networks and content design, as well as customer service and accounts management. She specialized in Marketing with Summa Cum Laude Honors.

Richard Salinas, Executive Marketing Assistant

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(Office) 212-473-5000 Ext 6

Richard Salinas is a San Diego native with a B.A. degree in Political Science where he studied at Dominican University of California.  He has extensive knowledge and working experience in the marketing industry and was a Sr. Marketing V.I.P. host with Tao Group where he networked with various industry leaders to increase company offerings and long-range sales growth.  Richard is very thorough in implementing various marketing strategies and especially skilled at working with clients.