What Does A Business Broker Do?

If you want to purchase or sell a business, the best place to start is with a business broker. Buying or selling a business is a complex process made easier with the guidance and support of a professional.

To find a good business broker stay local. You should work with someone who is familiar with the area you are looking to purchase or sell your business in. Inbar Group (IGI) has offices throughout the United States. If you are looking for something by the ocean we have Maine business brokers who can help you find the perfect opportunity and be with you throughout the buying process. If you are selling a business a bit inland, our business brokers in Vermont are experienced professionals who will make the process easier for you. In locations across the East Coast including New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey, we offer over 30 years of experience in helping buyers and sellers. Inbar Group has also facilitated the sale of hundreds of businesses to their clients’ complete satisfaction.

What Will a Business Broker Do For You?

Finding the right type of business to purchase is a time-consuming process. A business broker can lessen the time it takes to find the right opportunity by screening area businesses for sale and eliminate those that do not match your criteria. Business brokerage firms work only for their client, not lenders or business realtors, and focus exclusively on their client’s specific needs. Giving a business broker the details on your exact business specifications will help them speed up the process of finding the right opportunity for you.

If the client is selling, a business brokerage firm will review the qualifications of interested buyers to make sure they are, in fact, qualified. The buyer qualification process is an important first step of the deal and involves an interview with the potential buyer and confirming they have the financial means to complete the transaction. A business broker will review potential buyers’ credit scores, liquidity for working capital and review their professional experience to evaluate how they might operate the business.


Getting your financing in order for a business purchase can be an exhausting process. It will be much easier with guidance from a professional business broker who knows the process inside and out, is familiar with the kinds of assistance available from local banks and will help you meet the qualifications necessary. For example, if you are a buyer in Augusta who requires financial assistance, your Maine business broker can help secure financing by working with a trusted network of local banks.

Due Diligence

The laws and regulations regarding the sale or purchase of a business vary by state. Our team of business brokers in Vermont, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey have years of training and are always updating themselves on the latest state and local laws and regulations. They help their clients understand them, along with all the forms, fees and other paperwork necessary to buy or sell a business in that particular state.


Whenever an issue arises during the sale or purchase of a business and a negotiation is called for, having an experienced business broker by your side will make things easier. A business broker can handle difficult situations between a seller and a buyer and smooth things over to keep the transaction moving forward.


Marketing is a special skillset that most owners with a business for sale do not have. In order to sell your business faster for the most value, good marketing is essential. Business brokers can help you create a marketing strategy to bring the best kind of attention to your business that will attract the right potential buyers. They also have access to the various listings and marketing sites that will ensure your business gets maximum exposure.

The most important thing a business broker does is get deals done. Their experience, training and sole dedication to serving the client’s unique needs means a better buying or selling experience. Finding the right opportunity or selling your business does not have to be an arduous process. Overlooking important paperwork or not knowing state and local laws can quickly unravel any deal. Inbar Group will help you avoid those kinds of deal breakers and make the entire process easier.