Wholesale bakery

Price: $4,900,000

Location: Long Island, New York

Industry: Wholesale and Distributors

Listing ID: 08052109

The company is a Manufacturer and Wholesaler of bakery products, including cakes pastries, cookies and various treats.  In addition, they also sell raw and frozen products.  The Company uses natural ingredients, and the products are trans-fats and hydrogenated oils free that are obtained locally. They have a level 2 Certification as well as kosher and HACCP certifications They distribute bakery products to various food retailers throughout the state of New York. The Company has a semi-automated facility in Long Island that enables efficient as well as flexible production. They are a niche manufacturer that can produce a wide variety of products in quantities needed by customers.  This makes them competitive where large bakeries are not able to produce a wide selection of products, and small bakeries are unable to produce a large quantity of products.  Owners would like to stay on and retain equity positions and would like to see the company grown and help with expansion strategies. The owners have been in baking wholesale since 2001 and purchased an existing business that was struggling and increased sales by focusing on the in-store bakery food retailers. **Price is for 70% Equity**

Listing Details

Gross Revenue: $6,400,000

Cash Flow: $1,000,000

FFE: $1,700,000

Inventory: $250,000

Reason For Sale:

Company is interested to team with a buyer that can grow the sales and business.


Year Established: 2013

Days & Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 10am-5pm

Employees: 44 Full Time

Managers: 4


Security on Lease: 24000

Monthly Rent: 12000

Type of Location: Manufactor Facility

Square Footage: 20000

Facilities Information:



Historical Summary:

the company grew over the last 50 years

Owner Qualifications:

Owners are knowledgeable and successful with all aspects of technology, manufacturing, and general management. Owners lack the needed marketing expertise and relationships needed to take the business to the next level.



Potential Growth:

There is room for much growth in sales to specialty buyers in this town and the surrounding towns.  There will be potential development in implementing new marketing strategies.  A prospective buyer will enter into a top performing market leading company in a high and continued growth industry.