Twin Motels, Northern Maine – Well-Established

Price: $677,000

Location: Aroostock County, ME

Industry: Travel

Listing ID: 10152020

Looking to get away from big city life with all the traffic, crime and noise? This just might do it for you!

Twin motels in Aroostock County, Me  in northern Maine

The locations are confidential.

Facility 1 is located 5 minutes from Maine St, Presque Isle.

Facility 2 is located 40 minutes from Maine St, Presque Isle.

Both inns are within 45 minutes of each other and have a total of 33 beds. Both locations include a manager’s apartment.

Both motels have high occupancy year round. The winter brings snowmobiles and ice fishing, the spring and summer bring ATVs and general tourism and of course the spectacular fall foliage brings visitors from every direction.

Along with low crime comes an easier way of life. We almost never have heavy traffic to contend with. We register our vehicles at town hall instead of waiting in long lines at the DMV/BMV. Neighbors watch out for each other and are generally happy to lend a hand when needed. The seafood here is world class.

With a short drive from most parts of the state, you could find yourselves in the mountains, at the ocean or the Maine woods.

Facility #1
17 beds
Gross sales 2019: $78,256.
YTD 2020 (Jan – Sep): $39,617
Real estate value: $259,500

Facility #2
16 beds
Gross sales 2019: $145,284.
YTD 2020 (Jan – Sep): $134,522
Real estate value: $194,000

Listing Details

Gross Revenue: $223,540

Real Estate: $453,500 (Included in Price)

Terms and Conditions?:

Both are offered as a package and include real estate.

Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

Owners will train.


Year Established: 1998

Days & Hours of Operation: 7 Days Week

Employees: 4