(Under LOI!) Tent/Party Rental Company in Northern New England

Price: $220,000

Location: Augusta, Maine

Industry: Entertainment and Recreation

Listing ID: CM112221

With 23 years in business, this company knows how to party! In fact, they’ll bring
tables, chairs, linens, dance floors, lighting, heating, generators, sound gear and all the
tents you need for any kind of event you can imagine.

This business always collects payment in advance so there are no receivables issues.

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, summer bash, family reunion or corporate event,
this company has everything customers need to make it a success!

*Confidential listing – not in the indicated zip code.

Disclaimer: Information and financials provided by the sellers and Inbar Group has not audited them.

Listing Details

Gross Revenue: $220,000

Cash Flow: $122,000

FFE: $220,000


Year Established: 1998

Days & Hours of Operation: Whenever events are scheduled, April to November.

Owner Hours Per Week: 45

Non-Owner Payroll: $2,000

Employees: 1 FT, 4 PT


Owner Qualifications:

No special licenses needed.

Potential Growth:

Offer DJ services, add online booking, extend to a wider geographical range.