At Inbar Group, We Make Your Dreams a Reality

With more than seventeen years as the leading business brokerage firm in the Tri-State area, Inbar Group has been successfully marrying business sellers and buyers with a high satisfaction rate. Still skeptical about contacting us to plan your exit strategy? Perhaps a success story about one of our clients will convince you otherwise: Mr. Lieberman[1] arrived to America in the 1980’s with his wife and two children at the age of forty. Although Mr. Lieberman studied engineering in Moscow and made a decent living as an engineer designer, he decided to immigrate to the land of opportunity for the chance at a better life. With only $700 in his pocket and two briefcases for himself and his entire family, Mr. Lieberman enrolled in an English course and took a job as a draftsman in a conveyor systems company, where he made $7/hour. Things were going great for the Lieberman family until the company that Mr. Lieberman worked for went bankrupt in 1994. Placed in a tough position, Mr. … [Read more...]