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Famous Movie & TV Cars

Price: $3,600,000

Industry: Automotive and Boat

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Package of 10 famous movie & tv cars are being sold.These cars were built by Andy Perillo, the East Coast representative of George Barris and were part of the George Barris’ East Coast Star Car Collection. Andy Perillo retired from George Barris in 2014.

1966 Batmobile

This is the original promotional vehicle used by Adam West on the East coast. The car was licensed by George Barris in connection with Fox and Warner Brothers for promotional purposes. The car was restored by Andy Perillo, the East Coast representative of George Barris in 1996 and subsequently been used by George Barris as one of the promotion vehicles for his Star Car Collection for both foreign and domestic appearances.

The car has made many media appearances including but not limited to: the History Channel’s The Top 10 TV Cars (hosted by George Barris and Andy Perillo), Bat Week (A&E TV), NBC’s Today Show (multiple appearances with Adam West and Lee Meriwether), TV Land (Multiple appearances with Adam West), television shows for CBS, Fox, Fox and Friends (multiple appearances with Adam West).

The vehicle was also used for publicity purposes by many public figures including movie stars, music industry stars, and politicians (including Ed Koch and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano), and was used as the subject of a model created by the Danbury Mint. The car has also attended hundreds of promotional and trade shows, including the 50th anniversary of the World’s Fair, both with and without Adam West and has been used in newspapers, newscasts, and NBC, CBS, Fox News and radio stations for promotional purposes.

Of particular note is the fact that this car was included in the 100th Anniversary of Ford Motor Company. The car was also the Official Ford Motor Company promotional Batmobile, and it was named as Ford Motor Company’s most Famous TV and Movie Car.

272 Ford Engine. Automatic transmission. Complete frame-off restoration.

(1/5 known promotional Adam West Batmobiles created by the Barris Group).

2) Aston Martin DB5 007-GoldFinger

This is a special effects car. All special effects seen in the 1964 Sean Connery movie Goldfinger have been placed inside this single car. The special effects are fully functional and the car comes with a remote control to activate all special effects. Props are as they appeared in the movie. This car was used by the History Channel for their 007 Bond Gadgets episode.

The car was originally an official racecar owned by Aston Martin and was converted into a special effects car by George Barris’ East Coast representative.

Aston Martin DB6 engine and transmission not installed, but comes with purchase of the car.

(1/1 special effects cars)

3) Monkeemobile

This is a promotional vehicle, which appears as the Monkeemobile did in the 1960’s TV series The Monkees. The car is a modified Pontaic 1967 GTO which features a tilted forward split two-piece windshield, front fenders, a touring car convertible top, exaggerated tail lamps, a set of four bucket seats, a rear-mounted parachute. The rear quarter panels were extended to make an extra third row bench where there was originally a trunk

This car appeared at shows with the Monkees band and has also been driver by the Monkees. The car appeared at the World’s Fair anniversary and has been filmed with TV hosts, TV shows, and promotional purposes for the Monkees.

(1/2 original promotional vehicles)

4) Munsters’ Drag-u-la

This vehicle was reconstructed with many of the original parts on the request of George Barris and Al Lewis prior to Al Lewis’ death by Andy Perilllo, East coast representative of George Barris. This vehicle has been used by many of the stars that appeared in the show. The vehicle was used on display at the church for Al Lewis’ funeral and later for a memorial ceremony at his family’s request.

Drag-u-la was created for the second season of the Munster show. On The Munsters TV series, the car was created by Grandpa Munster so he could win back the Munster Koach which Herman had lost in a drag race.

The car has also appeared on TV shows and news casts, especially Halloween shows, trade shows, parties, and private events.

The car features a 289CI Ford Mustang V-8 engine with a four-speed stick shift. The car was converted to an automatic with a 351 Cleveland Ford engine. The speed stick shift is automatic, but made to look like a standard shift. The car has two four-barrel carburetors. Four organ pipes on each side of the car are in place of a standard exhaust pipe and mounted antique lamps help create the Gothic motif of the car. The front of the car sports a marble gravestone, or Grandpa Munster’s license plate “from the Old Country,” with the inscription: “Born 1367, Died ?” The radiator is topped with a small golden casket.

 This car is signed by George Barris and Butch Patrick.


5) Back to the Future Delorean:

This is a promotional vehicle licensed by Universal Studios and has been used by George Barris and Universal Studios for promotional purposes for the Back 2 the Future trilogy. The car is detailed to represent the original car in every way with all its special effects. The vehicle was promoted in 1996 by the East Coast representative of George Barris, Andy Perillo.

This vehicle played a major role in the movie Arthur, with Russel Brand. The car has also appeared in hundreds of shows and benefits.

The car was upgraded with some modifications in condition in 2012.

PRV 2.9 V-6 engine (stock Delorean motor), 5-Speed transmission, gray leather interior, stainless steel exterior.

(1/3 licensed by the studio)

6) Starsky & Hutch Ford Grand Torino:

This is a Ford Motor Company promotional vehicle made to represent the car as it appeared on the Starsky & Hutch TV show. This car has been used by cast members from the show for promotional purposes and has been used by Ford motor company as one of their promotional vehicles on their traveling road show circuit and appeared on Fox, NBC, CBS, and other television channels. The car has also been used on many TV shows and commercials and has traveled in and out of the country with George Barris as part of his Star Car Collection


7) Speed Racer

This is a tribute car to the computer generated imagery car used in the 2008 movie Speed Racer built after the movie for George Barris’ Star Car Collection as a promotional vehicle. While the car has been used in many promotional shows, birthday parties, screenings, car shows, and events, both public and private. The car was never used in the 2008 movie since the car in the movie was created using computer-generated imagery.

This car is completely functional. It is built on a 1977 Corvette Chassis with Corvette running gear. The car has a 350 CID engine and a custom-built fiberglass body with a double-tilt nose. The trunk also opens.

(1/2 tribute cars)

8) Vin Diesel XXX Car

This is a promotional vehicle with all parts built by the East Coast representative of George Barris: Andy Perrilo. The car is a modified 1967 Pontiac GTO. All special effects used in the 4 original cars used in the movie have been put in this single vehicle, including a blow-away roof.

Fold-down back seat with gun holster. Has non-functional rocket tubes and a non-functional flame thrower. Frame-off restoration, rebuilt Pontiac 400 engine, with chrome plated equipment.

(1/1 of this kind with all special effects in 1 car)

9) xXx: State of the Union Car

This is a promotional vehicle built by the East Coast representative of George Barris to represent the 1967 Pontiac GTO used by Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson in the 2005 movie xXx: State of the Union. All the props that were featured in the 4 original movie cars have been added into this single vehicle, including the chopped roof.

Frame-off restoration, non-functional rockets, LT1 Corvette engine and transmission, swing-away headlights, hip hop suspension.

10) 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile Body

This is an original movie prop body that has not yet been constructed into a car.